Think your English Vocab is good?

Well if you, dear reader, pride yourself on having a good English vocabulary then why not put that to the test and at the same time do a bit of good to end world hunger? There is only one place to do that and I cannot reccomend it enough:

This website shows a great deal of innovation and creative thinking and I find appeals to many people. For one who doesn’t like to be challenged? It offers a competitive and even addictive self-testing game. The competition can be against other people whom you know an are comparing scores with or against yourself. Using language for this is ideal because people like to pride themselves on their knowledge of either their own language or a foreign language. In this respect you are being challenged not only on something you would feel proud of but also confident, and language can be somethign very personal. These are all attributes of the game which I think explain its addictive nature, and combining that with a philanthropic twist makes it ideal when you have run out of things to browse on the web. So when looking at this I thought of how this concept could be developed into an aid to foreign language learning. If the website could expand to incorporate a variety of languages and difficulty levels then learners could turn to it in order to either determine their ability or as a learning device. It may seem odd to call it a learning device, however as the same questions keep coming around again if you fail to progress onto the next level, this allows for repetition, which has for a long time been a part of the language acquisition process. On top of this there is the charitable aspect to the exercise which can be used to motivate individual learners, as well as the competitive aspect I mentioned earlier. With the right sponsorship from large companies who might wish to show their charitable side, as well as with support from the academic world which could encourage learners to try this out, the website could develop into what I think could be something quite phenomenal.

(I am aware that I am indulging a concept which might be somewhat simple and idealistic, but hopefully there is some truth to it all. Oh wait they have already done it! All we need now is the publicity!)


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One Response to Think your English Vocab is good?

  1. Martin says:

    Hi Vicky,
    This is good work and an interesting overview of the website you’ve discovered. I tried a few of the English grammar and vocabulary exercises (tests?) and they’re pretty good. I love the fact that they donate rice for every question one gets correct!! What a brilliant idea!!!

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