‘Links to Lingua’


I have added a tab to the blog which is called ‘Links to Lingua’ and it is as the title suggests a page of links to websites which can be of benefit to learners of foreign languages. I will try and add a more general category once I have a few more general websites to recommend, but at this time it has links which might be of use to French, German, Spanish and Latin learners. These are all languages I have had to use in either my past or current studies and so I’m more familiar and better placed to recommend websites along those lines. For each website there is a link, which is active, as well as a short description of the type of website it is. I will update these whenever I find anything new and interesting that fits into these categories.

In further support of what I said in my earlier post I will also endeavour to add links to articles and news websites in the respective languages. I am an ardent believer in the importance culture plays in language and how tapping into that through online access to newspapers, magazines and even blogs, can help learners assimilate the language faster.


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